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Enjoy being pampered by one of our professional spa therapists with a soothing classic massage, a relaxation massage, or one of our special ayurvedic massages.

Our tip: Combine your massage with a soothing hay pack!

Ayurvedic massages

The Abhyanga massage technique is a type of whole-body oil massage. The so-called “anointing” works with various different massage techniques. The Abhyanga is especially beneficial and relaxing, whilst promoting circulation and digestion. This treatment is beneficial to the 3 circulation systems: blood, nervous, and most of all the lymph system. It reduces blood pressure, pain, and tensions.

Pampering time 90 min. € 140,-
Tensions in the shoulder/neck area and in the muscles of the back are a widespread problem. Blockages in the muscles are softly massaged using individual pressure point marma therapy, re-establishing movement and enabling energy to flow freely once again.

Pampering time 25 min. € 45,-
Lomi Lomi Nui
A Lomi massage not only brings about relaxation, but also a cleansing of the body, soul, and spirit according to your needs. The massage releases blockages on a spiritual level, and re-establishes harmony between body, soul, and spirit.

Pampering time 90 min. € 140,-
The Padabhyanga massage technique has an effect of reflection, and prevents physical exhaustion. Especially recommended in the case of burnout syndrome or nervousness, this massage technique stimulates the nerve endings, signals are sent to the brain and organs are stimulated. Padabhyanga has a pleasant and intense effect of deep relaxation. In contrast to the usual foot reflex some massages, this ayurvedic treatment does not just concentrate on the feet, but also on the calves and knees.

Pampering time 50 min. € 89,-
Ayurvedic head, face, and décolletage treatment. Special techniques are used with various oils, with a cleansing, nourishing effect promoting blood circulation, lymph flow, and the removal of metabolic residues. Recommended in cases of headaches and migraines.

Pampering time 50 min. € 89,-
Ayurveda treatment
On request.

Pampering time 50 min. € 90,-

Classic massages

Whole body massage
A pampering treatment from head to foot.

This massage promotes circulation, loosens muscles and releases tension.

Pampering time 50 min. € 79,-
Partial body massage
For back, neck, and shoulder areas.

Using gentle or firm pressure, tension is released, and your energy pathways are freed up.

Pampering time 25 min. € 45,-
Foot reflex zone massage
Special massage techniques are used to treat individual reflex zones, giving a feeling of harmony.

Pampering time 40 min. € 65,-
Kopf- und Nackenmassage
Frees the head and relaxes the neck.

Pampering time 25 min. € 45,-
Lymph drainage
Gentle, manual massage, removing fluid and acid. Toxic substances are transported away by the lymph system, stimulating metabolism.

Pampering time 50 min. € 85,-

Relaxation massages

Alpenhaus hot stone massage
Massage ritual using hot stones. Heated basalt stones are placed on the body’s energy centres.

Pampering time 75 min. € 120,-
Antistress back treatment
A pampering programme in which you can turn off and re-energise. A treatment consisting of 2 parts: massage and heat pack.

Pampering time 50 min. € 79,-
Duo-mix massage
The benefits of a foot massage combined with a classic partial massage. Of huge benefit!

Pampering time 50 min. € 79,-
Aromatic oil massage
A warming and soothing full body massage with warm oils and a fragrance aroma of your choice.

  • Pampering time 50 min. € 79,-
  • Pampering time 70 min. € 110,-
  • Pampering time 90 min. € 139,-
  • ALPEN.VEDA.SPA for children & teenager

    Aromatic balm Children's Massage
    Pampering session 25 min. € 45,-
    Teenager Massage (from 12 years)
    Pampering session 25 min. € 45,-



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