Yoga hotel in Austria


Top up on peace and energy. Create all-round well-being. And in the most beautiful setting. Between the glacier, mountain & lake.

During a yoga holiday in Austria, you can strengthen your body, mind and soul. At the ALPENHAUS KAPRUN, we see yoga as forming part of a mindful holiday for holistic, lasting relaxation and recuperation. In addition to our comprehensive wellness and activity offers, we also offer yoga weekends during which you can explore and try out yoga.

Yoga trains your self-awareness and clears the mind. If you want to experience yoga in all its facets, our yoga hotel in Salzburgerland is the ideal place.

Here you can learn the secret of how to awaken your inner yogi. And permanently incorporate this yoga feeling into your inner and outer being.


Spend some time with yourself every day.

Dalai Lama

Yoga holiday in Austria

Holistic philosophy

Why yoga? And how can it benefit me?

Yoga is more than just a purely physical task. More than breathing exercises and unusual postures. Yoga is an attitude to life – and to a calm mind. It promotes serenity and compassion. Taking part in the yoga experience helps. There are lots of different approaches with different focal points. All aim to appeal to your spiritual side and make your everyday life more mindful, lively and colourful.

Yoga brings you into the moment,
the only place where life exists.

A short break for the soul at the yoga hotel in Austria

Alpine.Power.Selfness & Yoga Retreats

The Yoga Retreats at the ALPENHAUS KAPRUN guide you towards a yoga-based attitude to life. The workshops focus on healthy nutrition, connections with nature, exercise and regeneration. You can choose which appeals to you.

During a yoga holiday in Salzburgerland, you will find the yoga style which suits you and define your own personal goals. Set off towards a lasting change, one step at a time. Our long-term yoga instructors and experts will introduce you to the secret of enhanced well-being.

Once you have caught the yoga bug, you can visit our partner hotel, the ALPENHAUS GASTEIN. Yoga beginners and professionals come together here. The Gastein Yoga Days are the biggest yoga festival in the Alps. Here everything revolves around asanas, exercise and relaxation. The nature and sport offering at the yoga hotel in Salzburgerland completes this dose of healthy and energising time-out.

Discover the unbelievable variety of a yoga holiday in Austria!

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