Therapeutic body treatments in the Alpen.Veda.Spa

Body treatments whilst on holiday in Kaprun

Take some time for yourself and enjoy the effects of a combination of professional treatments by our spa therapists and products from the premium cosmetic range VAGHEGGI PHYTOCOSMETIC – for moments of well-being on holiday with lasting effects.

Holistic treatment for face and legs

Mountain air from head to foot

Enjoy this therapeutic and effective treatment for face and body in which your skin is enriched with oxygen and tired, unwilling legs are reactivated.

To put you in the right mood for the treatment, you are greeted with natural essences whilst your body is prepared for the treatment. You are given a therapeutic wrap specially matched to you individually with active ingredients from forests, to release blockages and cramps and to give you a feeling of lightness.

After a soft cleansing of your face, a bio-energetic massage follows with a drainage device. The highly effective ampoule reinvigorates stressed skin, and re-awakens new cell production using a red clay mask containing watercress and a relaxing massage.

Signs of ageing are visibly improved, and you shine as if you have just been on a walk in the mountains.

Pampering time 70 min. €99

Groomed Hands and feet

ALPEN.VEDA.SPA Manicure - wrapped around your finger

Treat your hands to warm, aromatic compresses, followed by a gentle peeling. Then your nails will be filed, polished and shaped, the cuticles removed. The subsequent massage will give your hands and arms a silky-smooth feel (excl. varnish).

Pampering time 60 min. € 60,-

Manicure - brief encounter

Quick care - we shape and file your nails, then pamper your hands with a poultice. 

Pampering time 30 min. € 40,-


Soothing foot bath, peeling to stimulate blood circulation, remove calluses, full nail-care and foot massage.

Pampering time 60 min. € 75,-

Pedicure - brief encounter

A quick service to remove calluses, clip the nails and foot-wrap.

Pampering session 30 min. € 45,-


We'll varnish your nails with a colour of your choice.

Pampering session 20 min. € 20,-

Body peelings

Sand peeling – detoxifying

Pampering time 25 min. €40



Red fruit peeling, stimulating

Pampering time 25 min. €40



Sea salt oil peeling with the fragrance of your choice

Pampering time 25 min. €40



Firming Alpine peeling

Pampering time 25 min. €40



Our tip

Combine a peeling treatment with a caring body pack.

Whole-body packs in the soft pack lounger

Detoxifying body pack

With sand peeling, clay, and body butter.

Pampering time 40 min.€65,-

Reducing body pack

Body pack with glacier-lipogel, mud wrap and activating body lotion.

Pampering time 45 min.€65,-

Firming body poultice

Red-fruit-peeling, algae poultice, cooling finishing care.

Pampering time 45 min.€65

Cellulite body poultice

Detox-Peeling, body poultice, bioenergetic massage. 

Pampering time 50 min. € 80,-

Cream poultice

Alpine-Peeling, goat's butter.

Pampering session 45 min. € 65,-

Spa combinations

Relax trilogy

  • Relaxing foot bath
  • Coconut oil whole body massage
  • Revitalising facial mask

Pampering time approx. 70 min. per person

As a couple €180

Indulgence Symphony

  • Full body silk glove peeling
  • back massage
  • facial

Pampering time approx. 60 min. per person

As a couple €180

Gentleman’s day in the Alpen.Veda.Spa

  • facial treatment. 40 min 
  • combination (pedicure and manicure) 60 min 
  • whole body massage 50 min 

Total price €220

Après-Ski in the Alpen.Veda.Spa

  • Classic back massage, focusing on the shoulder and neck region, 20 min
  • Lymph drainage 20 min
  • Leg and foot massage 30 min

Total price €115,-

ALPEN.VEDA.SPA Recuperation

  • Beauty facial treatment 50 min
  • Combination partial body massage and head massage 50 min
  • Whole body pack “smooth as silk” 45 min

Total price €230

Honeymoon ritual partner wellness

Foot bath, back peeling, and massage pleasure

Individual and yet together. Enjoy a pampering programme for all your senses as a couple with a glass of sparkling wine.

Pampering time approx. 60 min. per person

As a couple €170


  • Beauty facial treatment 50 min
  • Whole body peeling with pack of your choice 45 min
  • Combination of pedicure and manicure 60 min

Total price €260


  • Facial treatment 60 min
  • Detox whole-body peeling 20 min
  • Antistress back massage 30 min
  • Combination (pedicure and manicure) 70 min

Total price €295

For expectant mothers

Mother’s joy

  • Facial treatment 40 min
  • Whole-body peeling and cream pack 20 min
  • Pedicure with nail varnish 60 min.

Total price €180

Time for me

  • ALPEN.VEDA.SPA Well-being massage 50 min
  • Facial massage with active substance concentrate 20 min
  • Therapeutic foot bath followed by foot massage 30 min

Total price €180

ALPEN.VEDA.SPA for children and teenager

Alpine Fairy

manicure, nail filing, shaping. Top-coat varnish with flowers, stars or glitter.

Pampering session 20 Min. 35,-

Alpine Wizard

Manicure, hand bath, filing, shaping, cleaning.

Pampering session 20 Min. 35,-

Teenager Young Care (from 13 years)

Manicure and pedicure.

Pampering session 50 Min. 70,-

Arrange an appointment
We recommend you arrange your desired appointment for body treatments at the wellness and spa hotel Alpenhaus Kaprun prior to your arrival.