Healthy and light gourmet pleasures

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine in the Alpenhaus Kaprun

Wellness, well-being, and considered exercise are very important for many of our guests at the Alpenhaus Kaprun. A healthy diet is known to play an important role in how well one feels, and this is why the Alpenhaus cuisine focuses on freshness and quality, using seasonal ingredients. However, we also go one step further: vegetarian and vegan meals are always available here, and form an especially delicious part of our menus.

Vegan crossover cuisine – Guaranteed new taste experiences.

It doesn’t matter whether you are usually vegetarian or vegan or want to try out delicious dishes without meat for the first time whilst on holiday at the Alpenhaus Kaprun, you are sure to be thrilled. Our Alpenhaus Kaprun crossover cuisine combines Asian and local ingredients in an elegant, refined way in traditional and creative recipes. For example, Apple and Curry, pumpkin and coconut milk, or tofu and tomatoes are expertly partnered.

Light vegan cuisine – Wellness for body and soul

Dishes that predominantly or entirely consist of vegetarian ingredients are easy on the stomach. This means you remain fit and energetic after eating too, perfect for active sport in the wonderful mountains around Kaprun, or for soothing wellness treatments. Your metabolism and digestion also benefit from vegetarian and vegan food, as does your skin. Our healthy Alpenhaus cuisine is a joy for all your senses.

Your gourmet holiday in Kaprun
If the idea of an uncomplicated wellness holiday with vegetarian-vegan cuisine offered by the Alpenhaus Kaprun appeals to you, then send us your know-obligation holiday enquiry now.